Illyena Glacier

Human warrior, scavenger and relic hunter.



Dark brown, shoulder length hair as well as matching eyes compliment her lightly tanned skin. Her facial features certainly not something you would call upon as stunningly good looks, yet she still upholds a more natural beauty. Her hair often falls in front of her eyes should she tilt her head, it seems rather wild and would bounce around easily while walking. She’s never seen with what would look like ironed hair to some, she enjoys to let the wind decide how she should look. Her lips are usually seen curled in a gentle smile, those who see her frequently would say it’s somewhat of a trademark to her appearance.

Her physique would at first glance be labeled just as average as her looks however her muscles are rather well trained. They don’t stand out as if they were chiseled but instead work together with the rest of her body to create a healthy looking complete package.

Her clothes are usually mix of both a light and a darker color for her upper body and lower body respectively. Black / dark brown boots, somewhat tight fitting black trousers with a fairly loose white blouse to cover the top are a fine example, and something she would be frequently spotted in. The sleeves of her blouse usually end just above her elbows, showing a leather armband around her left wrist. A dark cloak completes her attire should the weather require it.


A longsword passed down by each generation, made of stainless steel with a blackened leather hilt. The sword in itself looks pretty standard, however the leather scabbard shows some decorations. Starting from the top of the item there’s a small drawing which each wielder of the sword has carved out of the outer decorative layer of leather in order of generation. The last one made by her father depicting himself holding hands with Illyena.


Illyena’s usual activities include training, sparring and adventuring. She enjoys the thrill of traveling through dangerous terrain and partaking in grand adventures. She has had her share of one on one combat as well as one on many, and of all weapons has the most experience with a longsword. She aims to hone her skills on an almost daily basis, both by sparring and in the field. Her income relies mostly on rewards for errands most would find too dangerous to accept and relic hunting, though she isn’t shy to go lend a helping hand in any tavern that requires it either.

Illyena Glacier

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