Rule of Hegon

1 Rule

Hegon is always ruled by 3 kings from 3 different families. Every year one of the three kings has overruling power, called the Powmas, over the other in case of a dispute that cannot be resolved. Every year the overruling power changes to another king of a different family.

All matters of rule must be brought forth in the council chamber with at least one representative of each family. No family (or king) may take it up themselves to decide things for their respective responsibilities.

The royal families rule from the caste that is located in the capital Oldden.

2 Petitions

All petitions and requests that the people have, must be brought or sent to the master regarding the subject. These masters follow the law to give an answer, if a petitioner is not satisfied with the answer, and has enough reason and arguments, he/she can press the issue to be brought before the kings council. This can happen as well if the request cannot be answered by the masters. Once the kings council has made its decision, the decision is final and cannot be changed.

The masters of their fields can be found in the castle.

List of masters:

Rule of Hegon

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